60 min. $65.00

80 min. $85.00

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Deep Tissue $20.00

Hot Stone $20.00

Aromatherapy $10.00

Neck, Back, & Shoulder

30 min $35.00

Reflexology 30 min. $40.00

(TCM) Cupping 45 min. $50.00

Customized Theraputic  Massage

Debra " Susan" laxalt

about Susan

I began my massage therapy career in 2009 after graduating from “The Milan Institute.”  Since then, I have had the privilege of addressing the individual needs of clients from all over the world.  My certification in specialty massage modalities such as Oncology, Hospice, Traditional Chinese Medicine like Cupping and Reflexology, has given me a unique understanding of the essential connection between Body, Mind, and Spirit. This experience I would like to share with you!